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2022, Not the beginning I hoped for...

2022 started beautifully enjoying the calm, quiet, and reading, starting the year on vacation. However, that refresh was soon to be replaced by grief and stress. I was laid off on my second day back to work. I was now struggling to process the surprise and understand why I was tossed into the world of job hunting and no income.

Thankfully, I have a fantastic support system around me and people who have enormous hearts who have welcomed me into their family. I do not know how to repay them. This was followed by a trip to the doctor and psychiatrist and multiple anxiety and PTSD attacks. All while starting the first of many classes to obtain my MBA.

Needless to say, it's been a rough January.

So, how has your January been? Hopefully far better than mine!

This has led me down a dark path trying to figure things out; though I am not alone, it has been quite the journey. Anytime I am down or struggling, I find my desire to write more challenging to ignore. My dream of becoming an author is one I thought would never come true. I might make more progress toward trying to complete a book. I have started a couple but have not kept up with writing for them.

So I leave you with two questions...

  1. What has been your biggest struggle this January?

  2. Would you read a book that I have written?

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