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Have you ever....*Insert something you have thought about or considered*

Now this might be a series of some sort...but we shall see.

Have you ever just sat back and though through your life and though "what if I didn't take that job" "what if I didn't leave that relationship" "what if I didn't marry that person" what if what if what if...

The life of what if's, now I don't like to often think in the what if's, but sometimes they pop up out of no where. Today is one of those days, thinking through my life and asking myself why I made the decisions and choices I did. Especially with the live and situations I have stumbled through, though hindsight is always 20/20.

While I questions myself on past choices, I kindly remind myself that all that is in my past and I can do nothing to change it, there is no "edit" feature on my life. I also have realized during these times that if I hadn't have walked through what I did, I would not be the person I am today. What I went through tested me, crushed me, broke me, but it did not kill me...almost...but it did not.

Understanding why I do things or respond the way I do comes from understanding what I have walked through. Learning triggers, learning how to communicate, learning what a healthy relationship is. Understanding that my worth is not dictated by someone else, that my value, education, and experience is valuable to my future and allows me to pour into people who are walking through what I have already been through...or at least some version of it.

Thoughts for the day...

Until next time!

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