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Past, Present, and Future...Moving Past Trauma & Trying New Things to Heal!

Hello Friends and Fellow Humans,

It is no secret that most of us have lived through trauma in some way. Could be from childhood bullying, absent neglectful parents or siblings, harassment at a job, discrimination because of your choices or the way you live your life, or relationships.

I am one of the many who have lived through trauma, when I talk about my trauma I summarize it as "I literally walked through hell, twice" Over the course of this blog I'm sure I will open up about some of my trauma either bluntly or subtly.

In an attempt to heal I have begun writing a book, however because of the pain I had to set it down for some time, I am working on picking that back up. While I have tried many different things to heal, therapy has helped me move mountains that I thought were impossible to move. My faith and faith journey has also helped me, another thing that I will probably dive into here and there.

I have recently become invested and massively intrigued with the idea of bullet journaling! Now, I'm sure that I'm late to the party but I'M HERE NOW!!! I am beyond excited (as my boyfriend can attest to) about having a creative outlet to allow organization and tracking. I have so many things that I need to keep track of in my personal and professional life...not to mention school assignments and a social life (or an attempt at a social life)

I know there are MANY blog posts about BUJO's and I have read quite a few, and pinned (YASSS PINTEREST - *Insert Iliza Sleshinger's bit*) As I start my BUJO and see what works and doesn't I will reference these blogs and share them along with my success and failures with using a BUJO!

Till next time!

Ha Det

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